The bicycle company that has been with you for the longest time

SAMCHULY BICYCLE has made efforts to deliver bicycles’ convenience and pleasure to you in the closest place to your lifestyles until now from 1944 when the Korean bicycle industry was begun. SAMCHULY BICYCLE has created precious moments of your daily life becoming your reliable legs ranging from your grandfathers and fathers’ childhood to today.

Closer to every place in Korea

The beginning of the fresh day from home to school, A turn of the town that you can be more relaxed at the height of saddles, Bicycle trips to beautiful natural scenery along mountains and the rivers.Bicycles have become the medium that connects all the places in Korea to one another.More than 1,200 agents of SAMCHULY BICYCLE have been with you in the closest places to you to makeall roads in Korea filled with the happiness to ride bicycles.

Efforts to evolve without stop

Next bicycles will evolve into new types that IT and electrical and electronics technologies are combined with development through new materials and forms. SAMCHULY BICYCLE has also made efforts to suggest healthy lifestyles that improve the quality of environment and life by defining individual transport methods and forms newly through that various attempts to think outside the box of the traditional bicycle industry.

  • 1944

    "Gyeongseong Precision Company" Founded by President Kim, Cheol Ho.

  • 1952

    First company to manufacture complete bicycles in Korea using the brand name : "3000li-ho(Samchuly-ho)"

  • 1968

    First bicycle company to receive "Korea lndustrial Standard: certification for quality.

  • 1982

    Korean cyclists won the international race for the first time in Korea with samchuly's "Goldwin" bicycles. (New Dehli Asian Games)

  • 1987

    One million units/annual produced for the first time in Korea.

    Receives governmnet award for reaching total exports of $10 million.

  • 1991

    Launches new corporate identity and brand "Lespo"

  • 1993

    Held the "1st Haksan cup MTB competition", nation's largest race. (Now renamed as "Samchuly bicycle cup")

  • 1996

    Launches performance bicycle brands - "Appalachia", "Cello", "Black Cat".

  • 2007

    Annual sales reaches one million bicycle for the first time in Korea.

  • 2008

    Expands into the travel business with the acquisition of "Very Good Tour".

  • 2010

    New "Uiwang" factory construction completed.

  • 2011

    New brand "Metro" launched. Selling colorful customized bicycles.

  • 2016

    Expands into the stroller and baby goods business with the acquisition of "Prebebe"

  • 2018

    Open the official online store 'SambaMall'